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Ironton Distillery

Lots of credit goes to my brother for organizing a brewery tour of Denver in an electric tuk tuk. It was a great way to explore the city. After our three stop tour was over, however, I requested begged we go somewhere that didn’t only serve beer. Mark had learned that someone from a whiskey brand he liked (Stranahan’s) had left to become the head distiller at Ironton so we went straight there on scooters.

This place has it all: cozy outdoor area, pizza, an instagrammable wall, great drinks, and [very soon] a tasting room. I made sure to check out the signage so I know they host tons of fun events. (Movie night at a distillery? Yes, please.)

Like literally every other bar/brewery we went to, Ironton had tons of games. I love games. So much better than sitting around, staring at our phones, right?!

I had a drink special made with tequila and sage. Tequila is the only spirit they don’t make there, but the ingredient list sounded too good to pass up. Don’t worry, the house-made spirits were definitely sampled and won the seal of approval.

I don’t know how one city can support so many breweries and distilleries, but I’m not mad at it. Every local spot we hit up was serving high quality drinks in a very fun atmosphere.

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