3 on Thursday

It’s been a very busy week (hence the lack of post yesterday). It’s Advertising Week here in NYC and my company is one of the sponsors. We have an experiential activation going on with several touchpoints so it’s been a lot of running around. Tonight I’ll be hitting up the closing concert and after that I just want to relax!

One of my co-workers decided to start Soup Club. The concept is simple. Each week, someone brings in soup for the whole office. How perfect for the fall season?!

Speaking of fall cooking…I recently tried out Trader Joe’s oatmeal pumpkin chocolate chunk cookies. Even a baking dummy like me was able to make these so you know they’re easy. They also tasted great (with some good, almost gingerbread-y spice) and not filled with artificial pumpkin flavor. And let me tell you: TJ’s is packed with all things pumpkin but not all pumpkin flavored food is created equal. Also, it was my first time using a silicon baking mat and I am officially a convert.

Part of our Advertising Week activation included a party at our office. I always think parties fare better when there are activities and entertainment so we set up a photo booth, games on the roof, and a jazz duo. It was nice to step our parties up a bit and always lovely having live music.