Chopped Liver

Chopped liver is probably more of an acquired taste, but it’s one I’ve acquired so I made sure it had a spot on the coffee table for Rosh Hashanah. It’s actually pretty simple to make:

Start by hard boiling 2 eggs. While they’re going, sauté chicken livers in Crisco (or lard or whatever fat you like). We didn’t have a huge group (8 adults) so 3/4 lb makes for a nice little appetizer. When the livers are cooked through (i.e., just barely pink inside), remove them from the pan and use that very same pan to sauté one onion. Deglaze all those yummy chicken liver bits with some white wine and let it go til the wine is cooked off and the onions are soft and full of flavor. Chop up the livers, onions, eggs, and salt/pepper and get em goin in a food processor or bowl + immersion blender til it reaches the consistency you like. Put this pâté (because it sounds fancier that way) in a lovely bowl and top with chives. Serve with your fave crackers.

This is a traditional Jewish dish that doesn’t get the respect it deserves. It’s not pretty – I’ll be honest – but it’s rich and tastes like the anticipation of a family meal about to begin.