I’ve been extremely busy with work and dealing with personal stuff so I chilled with the blogging a bit. But I’ve realized how happy blogging makes me, so I’m glad to be back.

As I mentioned in a previous post, my grandmother recently passed away. She was just shy of 95 and lived a truly incredible and happy life so, while I was sad, we tried to treat it like a celebration of life. We sat shiva as a family, a somber experience, as long as we could, but we also spent a lot of time sitting around a table sharing funny and heartwarming stories about a woman who glued us together as a family. My family is crazy close. I eschewed a Maid of Honor in favor of having my cousin and best friend, Matt, serve as my Man of Honor. Every other cousin served similarly in each others’ weddings – and it wasn’t out of obligation. My grandparents were only known as “Mom and Dad” – no “in law” in our family. And we chose to spend weekly suppers and summer travel plans together. That closeness is a direct result of my grandmother’s impact. I loved sharing those stories while I was home and finding memories like this newspaper story all throughout her home.

I got to go with my sister in law to pick up my nephew from school while I was home. It was a welcome break from sitting shiva, but it was also just cool to see him in his element and have him show me around Circle Park (not the official name) where he loves to climb trees every day.

I spent a week laying low after my grandmother’s passing but on Saturday night I started to come back to life, starting with a trip to the grocery store to get the fixins for an epic meat and cheese plate and dirty martini, my favorites for watching Georgia football. It felt great getting back to normal and my dirty tini was delightful.