Book Review: Well, That Escalated Quickly

Years back, a video, “Shit Girls Say,” went viral. It was hilarious. As a response, Franchesca Ramsey made her own video: “Shit White Girls Say…To Black Girls.” It, too, went viral. (Because it was also hilarious. And smart.) In this timely (published in 2018) collection of essays, Ramsey details both the aftermath of going viral and her path to becoming a bonafide activist with a legit television and digital presence. (You may recognize her from Larry Wilmore’s The Nightly Show or MTV’s Decoded.) Ramsey suffered her own growing pains on her way to becoming an advocate for social justice, but she acknowledges every slip up and shows how she’s grown. It makes her commentary relatable; and because she’s funny, it’s also enjoyable to digest.

Disclaimer: Ramsey mentions her husband frequently throughout the book. Sadly, the pair have decided to part ways this summer after 13 years together. I bring this up because I’m sure some may use this as an opportunity to discredit her or find fault in some way, particularly because with her husband being white, their relationship is an actual topic of conversation within this book. But this divorce means nothing…I mean, I’m sure it means something to them; divorce is never easy…Ramsey’s insights into race relations, our need to check ourselves, and the anatomy of a hater are valuable and valid – marriage or not.

4 out of 5 stars.

Best Paired With: Magner’s cider with some chips and salsa