It really stinks to lose a full day when traveling from California to New York, but on the bright side, my work week has felt much shorter! I was supposed to attend a baby shower this weekend, but it had to be rescheduled at the last minute and, while it’s a bummer not to have an excuse to get together, I’m excited to now have so much free time and possibility on my hands! Whatever shall I do?! Both UGA and Notre Dame are playing Saturday evening, so I have a feeling there will be a meat and cheese plate involved…

The Long Beach airport is adorable. It almost feels like a Bahamian airport. It was a pleasant transportation experience that kept me from being stressed while on my work trip.

I enjoyed going to California for work, but I didn’t love that the conference took over the weekend, stealing some precious personal time during an already busy season. That’s why it was extra nice to come home to a warm welcome when I walked in the door late Monday night. In addition to the flowers, there was a full plate of supper, wrapped in tin foil and still warm. Feeling very lucky.

With all the traveling and work happening, Taco Tuesday was vital to my sanity this week. I went with shrimp as the protein since we haven’t had it in a long time, and it hit the spot. The spicy cilantro lime crema was also perfection.