I had such a great time in Savannah for Thanksgiving. I always love being home, which is why I was very upset to have to change my flight and head back to NYC a full 24 hours early. There was a massive storm on the horizon and when the airline emails you saying they’ll change your flight at no cost because they don’t anticipate you leaving on time, you take them up on the offer. While I was very unhappy to miss out on fam time, it was a good thing we left early because our original flight was cancelled and I wouldn’t have made it back in time to report to jury duty. I would have been a jailbird! I also have to admit that getting back early gave me the opportunity to get my life in order a bit before diving into work and all the holiday parties.

Getting back on Saturday evening meant I had Sunday free so I spent the afternoon in Queens. Hart is in town for work and I’m so happy I got the chance to see him (silver lining of that earlier return!). We went to brunch, introduced Leo to Home Alone, and then Karina and I went to a hot pilates class. It was a great way to spend a Sunday.

This week I started jury duty, but not just any jury duty – GRAND jury duty. Turns out, it’s very different from normal jury duty with the biggest difference being that pretty much everyone called ends up serving. I started on Monday but the first day and a half were mostly just getting sworn in and oriented. Now we’re hearing cases, which I find to be pretty interesting. While I don’t love how this is messing with my holiday season, it’s actually not a bad time to serve since work is a bit slower. I’m doing my civic duty!

The holiday party season is upon us. I attended my first one on Tuesday and the next 4 are following fast and furious.