Bull Street Taco

Everyone in my fam has been talking about Bull Street Taco so I decided it was a must-go while I was home for Thanksgiving. When it comes to tacos, Savannah has pretty much only ever had basic Tex-Mex spots. I love a good Tex-Mex meal…but I also love some fun little Cali style tacos. Kinda like how I like to get dressed up every once in a while instead of just wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

When it comes to drinks, the wine is fine, but the cocktails are solid. I got the smoke and fire (yum) and noticed that Albert really enjoyed his basil Paloma.

Make sure you start with an appetizer. We got the queso because it’s nearly impossible to find queso dip in NYC so I’m like a moth to a flame. This queso happened to have roasted poblano, chorizo, and tomato, but it still felt like cheese dip…as in, not overly chunky. It just had a lot of extra amazing flavor. We voted for this over the guac, but I’ve heard their guac is excellent.

For the mains, my Dad got a burrito that was massive, my Mom got the salad with shrimp that just seemed to grow with every bite, and my beau and I each got taco plates so we could try several varieties. On mine, I got the chorizo, chicken, and tempura cauliflower ones. The cauliflower had quite the kick (maybe a bit too much?) but I liked the tahini flavor and with just a little less red chile, it would have been perfect. As always, I like when there are potatoes in a chorizo taco, but my fave was probably (surprisingly) the chicken. It was grilled nicely and all the flavors worked well.

They also offer a pretty sweet looking taco box for group delivery. That sounds like a great party to me. Mostly, I love that there’s another good restaurant in this area of Savannah when you want some downtown vibes but don’t want to go fully DT.