Enchilada Tacos

This extra simple taco recipe is magic because of the combination of ingredients/toppings. And so so easy.

Start by cooking one package of boneless skinless chicken on the stove with a full [small] bottle of enchilada sauce and about 10 chopped pickled jalapeƱos. Break up the chicken as you cook so it’s almost shredded. This will help it sop up the sauce. When it’s done cooking, pour in a bunch of frozen corn (preferably the roasted variety). The corn will absorb the remaining sauce. Pile onto tortillas and top with avocado, sliced black olives, crumbled queso fresco, diced green bell pepper (for crunch), and chili lime crema (sour cream + lime + chili powder + salt).

Boom. You’re done. I ate 4 of these babies in rapid succession. You probably will too.