Another busy week! I have very little planned for the weekend and I think my mind and body very much need that. It’s just been meeting after meeting for me!

With a packed weekend, I’m so happy my beau offered to help me run some errands. After a grocery store run I made sure to grab some fresh flowers. It always makes me happy to see fresh plants around the house.

One of my coworkers just returned from London and brought back Percy the Pig gummies. From the several I’ve tried, I’ve decided I’m a fan of all Percy varieties. SUCH good gummies. And since I just solidified a work trip there next month (my first time there), I’ll get to stock up!

Like I said, this week has been very busy. The past weekend was also packed. I went straight from work to a 305 class and then to a very long happy hour. Saturday started with a Peloton class and then went straight into Sesame Street Live and family hangout until bedtime. We were out of the house all day running errands and visiting Shawn and Kathleen on Sunday until all of a sudden the weekend was over. Basically it meant I had zero time alone with my own thoughts in over a week. That can leave me feeling a bit unsettled. Yes, I know I post about Taco Tuesday all the time on here, but this bit of normalcy really helped quell those unsettled feelings. Tequila lime shrimp, creamy cilantro slaw, and queso fresco tacos could make anyone feel better.