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Katz’s in Quarantine

Albert and I typically spend our anniversary doing experiences…usually food experiences. Every year we’ve gone to Eataly and hopped around to the different restaurants. Last year, we did that + enjoyed my gift of Hamilton on Broadway. This year, things are different. We can’t leave the house due to the pandemic so theater is off limits and even a simple supper at a restaurant is out of the question. That didn’t stop my man though!

My husband got creative this year and figured out a way for us to enjoy a fun meal AND have an experience to celebrate our anniversary. He learned that Katz’s Deli was still delivering in NYC and ordered a massive package of food.

He may have gone a bit overboard. We had two packages of pastrami, one package of corned beef, a loaf of rye bread, three condiments (mustard, russian dressing, and sauerkraut), a package of mini black and white cookies, and both types of pickles. (I’m partial to the half dones; he likes the full sours.) The package came with instructions for preparing that were easy to follow. I was a bit shocked how good it tasted! If I closed my eyes, I could imagine myself in the old school joint.

What was the experience? Well, we made our sandwiches and enjoyed them while watching When Harry Met Sally, a movie that never gets old. It was such a fun way to spend a Saturday! Even if you’re not in NYC, Katz’s is shipping nationwide so this is easily something fun you can do no matter where you live.

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