Work was very busy last week in preparation for a big virtual event I was pulling together. The event [successfully] occurred on Monday so I can now breath a big sigh of relief and start paying attention to my other work. We’ve got our weekly trivia game on Friday night and I’m thinking another movie night is in order for Saturday. We also just got a new puzzle so I’m thinking we’ll have to break that out this weekend as well.

Flowers are not as easy to come by during this quarantine so these tulips are making our dining area (which I’ve set up as my office) extra bright this week.

Albert brought home some honey goat cheese for a recent meat & cheese board and it didn’t initially float my boat (I’m not really into the sweet/savory combo). I did, however, realize I loved it when spread on toast and topped with blueberries.

I ordered a 5 lb bag of gummy bears without realizing just how big that would be. Thankfully, I also ordered a bunch of these lidded jars for coffee and other things so now I can keep them organized and pretty.