Super Duper Weenie

Roadside shacks are the absolute best. My father believes BBQ should never be eaten anywhere overly clean (he’s right) and I think hot dogs are probably the same. I’m not even a big hot dog fan, but if I’m going to eat one, I want it to be from a random stand on the side of the road with lots of good toppings. Perhaps I’m feeling patriotic coming off of Memorial Day, but Super Duper Weenie is serving up classic Americana right off the turnpike.

Don’t be deceived. This may look like simple cookout food, but the toppings are homemade and the fries are hand cut. You can taste that difference.

This hot dog was everything I wanted. The dog itself was split (always a good sign) and grilled, and the bun was mushy. I ordered the Dixie, which is topped with chili and coleslaw. It was perfect. I thought I would miss the cheese, but the slaw was a perfect balance to the meaty chili. And I couldn’t not order both the fries and onion rings. The fries were exactly how I like them, as were the onion rings. My only regret is not getting a side of ranch for dipping.

Super Duper Weenie may not have a ton of frills, but this is a truly great hot dog spot. I’m not saying I’ll drive to Connecticut just to get it…but I am saying it may be a required pit stop on the way to every future visit to my in-laws.