I’ll start by saying these photos are trash. It’s all because I was waiting to post about Bangklyn til I had been to the restaurant itself, but we’ve been quarantined for months and I was sick of waiting. We got takeout and were so hungry when it arrived that we dove in and pics were a total afterthought. Our apartment was lacking in ambiance, but the food was so good I wish I hadn’t waited so long. And soon, I hope to enjoy this delicious food inside the groovy restaurant next to all its vintage fashion.

My beau ordered fried rice with fried chicken and ate every morsel. For a non-Southern restaurant, they nailed Southern-style chicken…I’m guessing…because he ate it before I even had a chance to have a bite and see for myself. I got the tamarind coconut crab noodles (super thin rice noodles mixed with crab in a coconut tamarind sauce and, bean sprouts, peanuts, chili oil, lime, and veggies like carrots and cucumber. This was an incredible dish. Most notably, the sauce was packed with so. much. crab. It was an $18 dish and worth every penny. (Albert’s meal was $15 and a great deal.

The menu at Banglkyn is small but mighty. Everything they do, they do very well. This is by far the best Thai restaurants in the neighborhood and one of my favorites in Manhattan.