So I’ll start by saying I’m in a better mood than I was this time last week. I’m still not ok with the situation I mentioned, but I’m generally in a better place. A lot of that has to do with something so simple. I menu planned on Sunday and have stuck to it. On top of that, I started working out again after a brief break (and the discovery of my clothes no longer fitting) and I’m finding the normalcy and routine of both of those things to be very comforting. This weekend, we’ll take a day trip to Connecticut to celebrate Father’s Day + my father in law’s birthday. Since this past weekend had zero plans, it’s nice to have something on the calendar.

I found this new friend on a walk through the Upper East Side.

My dear friend got engaged a week ago today and my facetime with her on Friday morning was EVERYTHING. I am positively thrilled for her and the life ahead of her. She is truly an amazing soul and deserves all the happiness. After last week, this is the kind of joy I need in my life.

I’ve seen the “blind date with a book” concept activated in bookstores and always find joy in it. It’s a mini-thrill not knowing what’s inside and fun to see if you can properly guess the contents of the package. When you walk away with a book, there’s really no loser in this game. My home is currently overflowing with books so I decided to donate some to the building and set up my own little blind date space. On each, I wrote category, similar books, and “for someone who…” suggestions. I spent a lot of time coming up with the descriptions on the wrapping, but actually enjoyed doing it. Hopefully my neighbors enjoy the project too!