Diversifying Your Instagram Feed

Instagram is my vice of choice so I wanted to start here when it comes to diversity across social media. Here are just some of the people I’ve been following for a while who never fail to inspire joy while I’m scrolling.


  • @foodieinnewyork (Vellery Lomas): Vallery’s food photography is stunning and makes me want to bake (when we all know I usually stick to cooking).
  • @domnthecity (Dominek Tubbs): Based in Harlem, Dominek is the local influencer of my dreams. I found her a year or so ago while creeping on the Instagram accounts of my favorite neighborhood restaurants and instantly knew she was a great follow. Her recommendations are on point. I have her to thank for @badnboozy_ny and @tradestjamco, two brands that have made my belly very happy lately.
  • @Butterbeready (Quin): One of Quin’s recipes popped into my discover page and a quick perusal of her feed confirmed she was for me. Her recipes are simple and centered in comfort, which is where I like to live. (Total side note: How weird is it that we start following people on social media, feel like we know them, become best friends in our minds…and then realize we don’t even know their last names. It’s a crazy world we’re living in.)
  • @briancantstopeating (Brian Lindo): If you’re looking for a foodie account and based in NYC, look no further. I’ve unfollowed a lot of foodie accounts recently because they didn’t feel authentic enough. Brian has remained a fixture in my feed for years and that should tell you all you need to know.
  • @kardeabrown (Kardea Brown): I’m a big fan of Kardea’s Food Network show, due in large part to her menus of food local to my native Lowcountry.
  • @dariuscooks (Darius Williams): I discovered Darius on TikTok but started following on Instagram because it’s easier for me to save recipes there…and these are recipes I want to save.


  • @hithapalepu (Hitha Palepu): Hitha is a multi-hyphenate with great book recos.
  • @book_girl_magic (Book Girl Magic): The primary objective is to celebrate black women through literature and there are some great reads in the feed.
  • @epicreads (Epic Reads): This account is all about YA lit (aka my guilty pleasure) and they’ve showcased a commitment to diversity within the genre.
  • @mentallybooked (Taryn): I love how bright this feed is…and that Taryn and I seem to often be reading the same things at the same time.
  • @riverheadbooks (Riverhead Books): As a publisher, Riverhead seems to have done a good job celebrating diverse authors and have a really pretty feed.


  • @everydaypursuits (Ashley Torres): I’ve praised Ashley time and time again for creating a true community and operating with a sense of transparency in everything she does. She’s inspired my style immensely and is the only reason I’ve been heard saying Cali life looks pretty good. (As a diehard East Coaster I’m shocked those words would every come out of my mouth.) I think I only follow 5 fashion influencers total so you can say I’m pretty selective and believe me when I say Ashley is the real deal. Two of the others can be found on this list.
  • @musingsofcurvylady (Thamarr Guerrier): When it comes to feminine style, Thamarr is my favorite influencer.
  • @brookedevard (Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli): While this is not a fashion account, Brooke is one of the most stylish people I’ve ever seen and I want her glamorous life.
  • @Colormecourtney (Courtney Quinn): Courtney was one of the first bloggers I ever followed all those years ago. A search of “cheerful” on dictionary.com will link you straight to her. If, like me, you’re very into Disney and Harry Potter, you’ll also like her @colormemagic account.
  • @jasonbolden (Jason Bolden): I discovered Jason via his Netflix show, where I learned he is responsible for styling every one of my favorite red carpet looks. I was already following most of his clients, but he deserves the credit for pulling together some truly iconic looks.
  • @dapperdanharlem (Dapper Dan): Dapper Dan is a legend and an innovator. And lots of the photos on the account are taken by his [very talented] son and brand manager who happens to be my neighbor and buddy!


  • @allymisslove (Ally Love): Maybe you’ll only care about this recommendation if you’re Peloton obsessed like me, but Ally is one of my favorite instructors so I enjoy following her on the ‘gram. I follow about 7 Peloton instructors so I’m not sure why I’m singling out Ally…maybe because she was the first one I followed?
  • @jameelajamilofficial (Jameela Jamil): Known for her role in The Good Place, Jameela is also on a mission to promote inclusivity and take down body shaming.
  • @kaaviajames (Kaavia James Union Wade): Ok I know this one seems random but I love the account of Gabrielle Union-Wade and Dwyane Wade’s kid who they always manage to catch giving such side eye. Also, they highlight an inspiring #WCW every single week.
  • @Monachalabi (Mona Chalabi): I love to geek out over stats, especially when they’re presented in fun and beautiful illustrations like this.
  • @cleowade (Cleo Wade) : Can you say inspiring?! I feel like everyone knows about Cleo, but I couldn’t not include her!
  • @elainewelteroth (Elaine Welteroth): I’ve liked Elaine since her Teen Vogue days and have only become more obsessed over time.
  • @dopequeenpheebs (Phoebe Robinson): One of my favorite people of all time. Along with Mindy Kaling, she is my top writing inspiration. I love everything she does. When I met her, I fully fangirled. Her Instagram is just a good representation of what makes her…her.
  • @r29unbothered (Unbothered): This sub-brand of Refinery29 celebrates Black millennial women. I may not fall within that community but I still love and appreciate this account.
  • @hillhousevintage (Paula Sutton): one of my absolute favorite design accounts. I spent time at Hill House/Norfolk last year and thought it was so beautiful. Modern vintage is my jam.