I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but I’ll finally be seeing my family tomorrow! I think the longest I’ve gone without seeing my parents was 8 weeks. Even when I was studying abroad, they met me in Europe for a long weekend. That means going more than 7 months without seeing them has been extremely hard. We know how risky it can be to travel so we’re taking so many precautions that will likely make the journey less than comfortable but it will be SO worth it. Sun and sand, here I come!

My go-to order at Harlem Shake is a classic and some chili cheese fries, but over the weekend I was swayed by social media to try two of their summer specials: the jerk dog (with jerk mayo, Caribbean slaw, and pork rinds) and the lobster roll. Wow. On both counts. The lobster roll, in particular, was incredible. Honestly, it was one of the best lobster rolls I’ve had, a bit shocking since seafood is not their normal game. It was so good and seasoned just right. It was only slightly smaller than a standard lobster roll, but at $18, it was a good bit cheaper. I’ll definitely have to go back for another while they’re still in season.

I totally forgot it was rosé season! I’ve mentioned before how I hadn’t really been admitting it was summer. Like the seasons weren’t really progressing since it’s a pandemic and we don’t get to enjoy them to the full degree. Without the opportunity to drink it outside and with girlfriends, I didn’t realize peak rosé time was upon us. Well trust that I am here for it now.

This weekend my beau decided he wanted to be in charge of the meat and cheese plate. Um excuse me? That’s my job. I’ve been working hard to hone my cheese plate skillz and he thinks he can just come in and take over?! He may not be quite at the P2A level yet, but I actually think he did a good job and loved that I didn’t have to clean anything up.