This hasn’t been the easiest week. Sometimes they’re just not. You get bad news. You stumble trying to get back into a routine after vacation. You screw up not one but two recipes. You have a pounding headache as you try to wean yourself off of caffeine. It happens. It’s one of those weeks for me. The first thing that made me feel better was discovering this video of incredible dance sequences cut together perfectly to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” John Jannuzzi is a genius who managed to put a smile on my face when all I wanted to do was cry. (I’ve since discovered his Robyn “Dancing On My Own” compilation and it has made me equally happy.) I strongly recommend watching.

My beau has decided to host our own Summer Movie Fest. We have 6 movies planned across three weekends and he ordered us a snackbox to enjoy while we watch.

I ordered a Trio of jams from Trade Street Jam Co. months ago (like way back in May!) but have been waiting to open them since I already had a jam going in my fridge. This small batch jam is made with less sugar (as someone who doesn’t love sweets, that’s my jam…pardon the pun) and no pectin or preservatives. That’s why they taste so good…but it’s also why they must be consumed quickly once opened. I love being able to shop local (don’t worry, they ship all over) and loveeee how these taste. Highly recommend.

I’m really trying to stick to a workout schedule and have been successful for the last few weeks. Honestly, I really think I have the Pelothon challenge to thank for kicking me into high gear. Also, I learned while I was on vacay with my fam [and we were too busy running around to eat a huge lunch at the beach] that I don’t need a massive midday meal. I’ve cut my lunch portion nearly in half (turns out I was eating reeeeally big lunches) and it seems to be helping things. Also helping is going out on runs. That’s as much for my sanity as my weight, though. My neighborhood is calm and lovely in the morning – it makes working out a pleasure.