I mentioned last week was just one of those weeks…and the stress continued right up to the last second. I closed out the work week at 11:30pm, which is probably the latest I’ve worked in 8 years – and on a Friday, no less! By the time I was done, I chugged down a ton of wine and enjoyed a weekend with absolutely zero plans. I went on a run, read a bunch, and enjoyed some good movies. It was just what I needed after such a bad week. This week is another busy one at work, but the vibe is distinctly sunnier. Another weekend without any real plans so I’m hoping to just enjoy the weather.

It had been about 4 weeks since I took a 305 class and I was deeply missing it. This morning, I got myself up and ready for an 8 am workout in our courtyard and feel so much better.

Some lovely surprise flowers that feature sunflowers and hydrangeas – favorites!

Sooo I actually love how my tie dye set came out. Truthfully, I didn’t make the two pieces to go together, but I feel like with tie dye anything goes. I may have just been messing around at my nephew’s bday party (and I can thank him for the shorts piece of this set), but you’ll likely see me wearing this around town this summer.