After a weird week last week (Monday off for Indigenous People’s Day, Wednesday and Thursday spent at our Acamp from Home event), it was a little difficult for me to jump back into steady work. I think I’ve gotten most of the way back to normal and am ready to head into another very fall weekend.

I’m not one to switch up my home decor for the seasons, but I know my beau enjoys it so I changed our tablescape by putting out some faux foliage and new chargers. I have to admit, the change of pace is nice.

On Monday I went for a run (the Hamilton run on Peloton!) and decided to go a little further than normal. I think I was just in a good mood because of the perfect fall weather and when I hit the Reservoir (usually my turnaround point on a 30 minute run) I decided to do a full loop around it. It was so pretty and just a lovely run. I hit the 3 mile mark just as I finished going around the Rez and decided that was enough running for one day and leisurely walked the mile and a half back home, which made for a great cool-down with some solid people watching that included lots of kids walking to school. Overall it was a great decision to kick off the week.

I added two new items to our gallery wall of non-traditional art…can you spot them?