Book Review: Piranesi

This book is kinda hard to explain. And I don’t really want to explain it because that takes away all the fun. What I can say about the plot is that the whole thing takes place in an alternate reality that you learn about from a man named Piranesi and his journal entries. In this reality, he lives in a massive labyrinth with hundreds of halls and thousands of statues. This is the universe and he’s the only one in it, aside from a man he calls The Other. I suppose I, too, would need to keep a journal to occupy my time if that was the world. But in his bi-weekly chats with The Other it seems there’s more to the world than Piranesi realizes. He’s forgetting things, The Other warns. But what is he forgetting? And what has he forgotten?

It takes a minute to get into the book. How long can I read about someone cataloging tides and statues? Around page 70 (yes, I know that sounds like a lot of pages, but it’s a very quick read and the pages are physically small so it’ll take you no time to get that far) you start to realize things are wonky. For all you Stranger Things fans, I was getting some real Upside Down vibes, just not as scary. As a piece of writing, it’s so unique. You feel like you’re walking through an apocalyptic dream scene in a movie where everything is in gray tones. That’s kinda all I can say so I need to talk to someone who’s read it pleeeease.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Pair with: Salty dog cocktail