Holiday spirit is in FULL SWING over here. I am watching some sort of holiday movie every single day and I am zero percent ashamed. I was very proud of us for filling Thanksgiving with tradition and celebration so it felt different and special. I’m hoping we can keep that momentum going for the holidays as well…starting tonight! It’s the first night of Chanukah so we’re planning to eat some latkes and light some candles. I still have a bit of gift shopping left so I really need to pick up the pace.

While plenty of people get their tree the moment Thanksgiving ends, we wait a little bit because we keep it up til January 5th so we can enjoy it on my beau’s bday [on the 4th]. We got ours over the weekend and it just makes me so happy. I love the tradition of decorating and loooove how wonderful it smells. This year I upgraded our tree a bit with a new skirt and some wooden bead garlands. I’m very happy with how it turned out.

There was a tiny holiday market happening by our apartment over the weekend and I stopped by and picked up these great earrings from Harlem Hoopz. The smallest size were only $10 apiece so I got three pairs. I can’t wait to wear them!

I’m finally working on something I’ve been talking about for 2 years: building a collection of oyster plates. It’ll take a while before it’s finished (so many of these plates are $250 – no thanks!) but I’m excited to eventually have a beautiful collection to display.