Hellooooo Christmas Eve! Is anyone else ready to simply bask in the lights of the tree and maybe a yule log? It’s been a lovely holiday season and I don’t really want it to end. Tonight we’ll be eating some Slovak favorites since we can’t be in Connecticut with that side of the fam and I just hope I can do my MIL proud! Cozy is the name of the game for us tonight – I’m even thinking some mulled wine or a hot toddy are in order. However you plan to spend the long weekend, I hope you enjoy!

I don’t normally spring for fancy nails twice in a row, but I just really wanted to feel festive. Having a fun mani right now is one of those tiny pleasures that kinda made my month. During a time like this when the holidays are missing so many of the normal moments, I have to fill that space with other bits of happiness.

Our building surprised us with a bottle of bubbly for each apartment. How lovely! It’s so nice that our building is a real community. It’s a whole neighborhood in 8 stories.

I recently joined The Lounge, which is the membership platform of Girls’ Night In, a brand that celebrates all things cozy. I love going out drinking and dancing, but a huge part of me really enjoys my alone time at home. Reading, watching tv, taking a Peloton class – I need a lot of that in my life. The Girls’ Night In newsletter was something I was so looking forward to that I decided to join The Lounge. The investment was minimal, especially considering so much other spending has decreased during the pandemic, so after sitting on my invitation for a couple months I finally decided to join. I couldn’t be happier. What a wonderful community of like-minded, diverse women! I finally attended my first gathering and really enjoyed. It was called “Reading Whatever Together” and was essentially a silent book club. We all read our own things in a “room” together and then chatted for a bit. We’re so starved for social interaction right now that I ate up every word uttered in the conversation.