Book Review: The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

Raised primarily by a nanny while her mother lived out her globe-trotting fantasies, Nina has grown into a comfortable introverted woman who knows what she likes and has made a nice little life for herself. She has cocooned herself into a world filled with books, an adorable cat, and close group of friends. This perfect little life is upended a bit when she finds out the father she never knew has died and left her with a whole new crazy family. Suddenly she’s a sister, a step daughter, even a great aunt. Things are no longer predictable and she must learn to embrace her new normal (while, yes, also letting a love interest into her life).

Fans of How Not To Die Alone will enjoy this one, but in a fun twist, the protagonist isn’t a loser. Nina has friends, plenty of them. Of course, she truly enjoys reading a book inside her apartment, which she has made into a true home, but she regularly goes to spin class and has a tight-knit trivia team. So often, characters like this – you know, who like things like reading and staying home – are portrayed as homely, friendless, and socially awkward. But that’s not the case! Plenty of people simply love a routine and don’t go out to the club. You can be cool without being a Kardashian.

This book was simply adorable. Don’t think too much about it, just enjoy.

4 out of 5 stars.

Pair with: Boozy root beer float