Wow what a harsh reality this week has been! After nearly two weeks off for the holidays, it’s not the easiest jumping back into work. My inbox was out. of. control. One thing at a time, right? On the plus side, it’s really nice getting back into a routine. I’m at the top of my reading game and cooking more well-rounded meals (it was literally over a week and a half without eating a single vegetable).

On another note, it would be wrong to post this Mirepoix without acknowledging the events of yesterday. What began as a historic day, in which my home state elected the first Jewish and Black senators, ended as as a historic evening for more infamous reasons. I was so proud to be from Georgia and witness this victory. While I, myself, lean conservative, the opponents in these runoffs were not people I wanted representing our state. My pride gave way to horror as I witnessed rioters storm the capitol, destroying property, threatening innocent people, and manifesting hatred. A woman was left dead in their wake. Those who rioted do not respond to logic. Around them, discrimination abounds. Donald Trump should condemn their behavior vehemently. As he does not, he encourages them. I was sickened to see a rioter wearing an Aushwitz sweatshirt, proudly promoting the senseless murder of millions of innocent people. I was ashamed that action against the rioters was not swift, serving as a sobering example of white privilege and a stark contrast to the mass police force that peaceful protesters with the BLM movement encountered. For some reason, this put me over the edge and I go to sleep heartbroken tonight.

Still, I want to remember the positive moments of the week, so here are three really nice things that happened. As we continue into 2021, I pray for more of this and less of last night.

It was my beau’s birthday this week, and while he may not love his bday, I love celebrating him.

I binged Bridgerton in two days. It was juicy and regal and British. While watching, I thought I recognized some pretty major pop songs performed as instrumentals…and I was right! This Spotify playlist is on repeat right now.

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back into a routine which means the lunchbox is back! I was particularly proud of the lunch I assembled on Wednesday, which included a salad made with broccoli slaw, roasted corn, chives, blue cheese, and Buffalo sauce. So good.