We may have had a short week this week, but I’m just gonna go and say it: we needed it. The start of this year has been rocky, at best, and a day to regroup was appreciated. It’s most appropriate that the day off was for MLK Jr. Day – we could all use a bit of reflection around the significance of that day right about now. But most importantly, the inauguration was yesterday. It is a day that filled me with hope for our country. And I say this with all seriousness – the fashions were inspiring. Whether you like it or not, clothing sends a message. Just take Melania’s “I really don’t care” jacket or her ready-for-battle, military-inspired debate look for examples. In moments where we don’t get to speak, clothing must do the talking and I was inspired by the clear messages Vice President Harris, First Lady Biden, and Former First Lady Obama chose to send on this day. They highlighted diversity with Black designers, showcased the importance of sustainability, and were intentional in the decision to wear American brands. They knew their clothing would be viewed on a global runway and took the opportunity to highlight causes that are important to them. Failing to recognize the impact their fashion choices make is almost negligent, while seizing the opportunity to advocate for a cause through fashion is commendable. I can’t wait to see what these women do with their respective platforms.

For just $11, I put together this bouquet from 3 smaller ones I found at Trader Joe’s. I’m such a big fan of their flower selection and love how this one turned out. It was time for some freshness in our home.

In what’s turned into a day-off tradition, I spent part of Monday walking through Central Park on my way to Trader Joe’s. It ended up being close to 2 miles and I did it all without music or a podcast since my headphones are broken and didn’t miss having something in my ears. It was lovely to just look around and enjoy the fresh air.

I got this puzzle months and months ago and have been saving it for the winter. I knew I would want something that would occupy me for hours/days when it got cold and hanging around outside was no longer an option. That time has arrived and I’m so happy I had this one stored away. I did almost the entire puzzle in a single afternoon but the white border has proven to be tough. That just means it’s been keeping me very busy.