For the first time in a long time, I woke up on Monday and thought “ugh I’m just not ready for the week to start yet.” It’s not because my weekend felt too short – in fact, my weekend was fun but very restful…I just wasn’t quite in the mood for real life. What did I do this weekend? Well, I spent a lot of time reading, which was nice. I binged some great tv. And I went on a hike (on my treadmill, sure, but thanks to the instructor view of the courtyard, it actually felt like a hike). And of course there was the Super Bowl. I knew going into this winter that we would need to make a conscious effort to make “events” out of nothing to keep things interesting when the weather forces us to stay home alone in order to social distance. Sunday was our first opportunity with the Super Bowl. To celebrate, my beau ordered KC BBQ via Goldbelly to honor the Kansas City Chiefs. Goldbelly may be a splurge, but it made the evening feel special and got us extra amped for the game.

It’s sumo citrus season! I’m not really into fruit, but these jumbo oranges are so delicious. They really are better than any other orange. I had to grab one when I saw them at Whole Foods.

This weekend was about treating myself. I bought myself a bouquet that may not have lasted long since it was kinda on its last leg when I bought it, but for two days it made me incredibly happy. I also ordered a ridiculous amount of food from a local Italian restaurant because I didn’t want to have to choose between appetizers so I just didn’t. That also made me incredibly happy.

One of my Xmas gifts was a pair of Brother Vellies cloud socks and I’ve been precious about taking them out of the package. This weekend I decided I wanted to feel extra cozy at all times so now was the time. They’re wonderful. Wearing these socks, drinking coffee and tea, and reading a good book…heaven.