We surpassed 60 degrees this week. Glory! What that does for my mood I can’t even tell you. The warmer temps are supposed to persist tomorrow so I don’t even care that it’s supposed to rain. I’ll wear galoshes – I just need to go outside! A month ago I decided to book some vacation days because I knew if I didn’t plan them in advance, I’d never take them. I have all these days, but they’ve just been sitting there, collecting dust. When I don’t have a specific reason to take a day off work (like a vacation or holiday), I tend to forget that they’re there. Well, during the pandemic there are no events or vacations happening so I imagine waking up in November with 25 vacation days just sitting in the bank. So I picked three random days in March and April and booked them. The first one is coming up tomorrow and since I forgot I’d planned it, it’s such a nice surprise. I imagine it’ll do wonders for my mental health.

Like so many others, I was counting down the minutes until Oprah’s interview with Harry and Meghan. It exceeded my expectations. Oprah did a fantastic job and refused to shy away from the difficult questions, pressing for further details when necessary. As for Harry and Meghan, I applaud them for being so candid while also remaining respectful to the people who still remain their family. I truly believe this interview was historic and really set the record straight on several issues where we were led astray. Jourdan and Brit are equally interested in the royal drama so we set aside time on Monday – actually blocked off a meeting on our calendars – to debrief on everything we watched the night before. In British fashion, I made sure to drink tea from my China while we…spilled the tea.

When I spotted Red Jacket Orchards’ black current juice at the store this weekend, I was inspired to mix up my cocktail game. Instead of a dirty ‘tini or Jack and Diet, I decided to make myself something new and serve it in a fancy coupe. This juice + a clear spirit + a berry seltzer topper. It was a delight.

My beau recently suggested a last minute trip to Arthur Avenue when we had no other plans and risked going bored out of our minds on the couch. Casa della Mozzarella is always a joy.