Broccoli Cheddar Brussels Sprout Hash

Few things are easier than a one-pan meal that takes advantage of pre-chopped ingredients. That’s what I did last night and after the meal I simply reveled in my ease of life. I used Seemore’s broccoli melt sausage (I think I’m currently this brand’s biggest fan) and took inspiration from broccoli cheddar soup when building the dish.

Start by sautéing the florets (chopped) from one head of broccoli in olive oil. After about 2 minutes, add one bag of shredded brussels sprouts and two sliced leeks with some salt, pepper, a dash of paprika, and a bit of cayenne and allow to soften a bit. Add shredded carrots and sliced sausage (the Seemore’s version is ideal, but you could always do this with chicken sausage) and warm everything through. Remove from heat and toss with a mix of shredded cheese blend and shredded parmesan.

It’s not a photo opp, but the flavor really does evoke broccoli cheddar soup. If you really want that comfort, serve with some crusty bread so you can get that bread bowl feeling. Also, there are so. many. veggies. Until I added that cheese, it was quite healthy. Once I added the cheese, less so, but still…there’s something to be said about getting in all your daily vegetables in a few bites.