There’s some fun life events happening around me! My cousin set a date for her wedding last week and we celebrated another cousin’s 40th bday over the weekend. This season is bringing all sorts of happy events our way.

For months I’ve spied something odd on the menu at our local pizza place: dill pickle pizza. “What would that even look like?!” I wondered. Finally, I decided it was time to taste it. Apparently it’s huge in Buffalo and was surprisingly tasty. I couldn’t believe it. I kinda think it would be good with some crispy bacon bits and a light drizzle of ranch over the top, but that’s just me. So pickle pizza is a thing and I’m more than ok with it.

I was boring on Saturday. I went to the gym and then…nothing. I didn’t leave the house at all and felt kinda bad about it. So when I woke up on Sunday I immediately pitched my idea to Albert: after a quick workout, I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather to go on a loooong walk. We went through the park and the UWS until we reached Shake Shack. We grabbed ourselves some burgers and ate on the bench outside the Museum of Natural History before walking back up Columbus to stop at The Strand. I limited myself to one book but love when bookstores have staff recommendations like this. It was so nice leisurely browsing the shelves. We kept walking back up til we hit Trader Joe’s to do the shopping for the week. At that point we’d walked 5 miles and I felt much better about my activity level than I did the day before.

Still loving my afternoon walks when the weather’s nice. I’m trying to take different streets on each walk so they don’t get boring. That’s how I stumbled upon this great piece of street art.