You can get a pretty good idea of how boring my life is right now by the fact that I haven’t posted to the blog the last two days. No recipes to share, no fun restaurants tasted, and no good books finished. It’s shameful! I have another long weekend coming up, though, so hopefully I’ll have some fun things to share after that. Memorial Day Weekend was nice and truly felt like a long weekend, but it rained for three days straight. I’m looking forward to much better weather this time around.

My fave local hot sauce company, Hot ‘n Saucy, just launched a new limited edition flavor. In advance of the release, they asked for guesses over Instagram stories and I was halfway right. I’m feeling pretty good about my powers of intuition right about now. I’m also excited about the flavor (black garlic peri peri) and already ordered a bottle, along with a restock of their garlic pepperoncini sauce.

When it comes to tortillas, the smaller the better, according to my beau. I have to say, I’m starting to agree with him, particularly because these tiny street taco sized ones are helping with portion control. We seem to eat the same number of tacos but when you can’t stuff as much inside you can’t gorge yourself. Turns out we were totally full enough just eating half the chicken I prepared (when typically we make a much deeper dent and feel overly stuffed).

The rain finally cleared up on Monday and although it was still a bit chilly, I was determined to get out of the house after spending all of Sunday on the couch. I strolled through the Conservatory Gardens which are in the process of getting a revamp for the season and fell in love with these massive peonies.