Today is a very exciting day for my company as we just listed publicly on the stock market! Even more exciting is that this news means we’ve planned a get together to celebrate. I haven’t seen any of my coworkers in person since March of last year and I’ve missed those rascals. After that, I’ll just slide into the weekend with a wild day of dentist and eye doctor appointments. Is that the best way to spend a Friday? Not really, but I’m embarrassed to admit how long it’s been since I’ve had my teeth or eyes checked. To make it a truly exciting day, I plan to add laundry to the list. This is what we call adulting.

We spent Sunday afternoon at Shawn and Kathleen’s, enjoying the lovely weather in their backyard. It had been two months since we’d hung out so we overcompensated a bit on the grill. There were only four of us but we made up for lost time with the food. Worth it. Also, I gotta shoutout the burgers from the Whole Foods butcher counter. The cowboy (jalapeƱo, ranch, bacon, cheddar) and bacon cheddar varieties may have been $8/lb but they were restaurant level.

I’ve mostly been running around the meer or in my immediate neighborhood, but recently I decided to do a loop around the reservoir. It’s always just so nice there.

The In The Heights movie was everything I hoped it would be. Jon M. Chu did a fantastic job bringing this show to the screen. I was pleased that the film was pretty faithful to the original show (don’t worry, I caught every change) with some updates that made sense, given more than a decade has passed since this graced the stage. I intentionally streamed it on HBO Max (vs. seeing it in theaters) not because of COVID but because I knew I wanted to sing along…and sing along I did. I already know I’ll be watching it over and over for years to come.