The heat is on and 4th of July is on the horizon. I don’t yet have any actual plans for the 4th but I do have a new patriotic hair accessory so I’d say I’m good to go. If this past weekend is any indication, I’m sure I’ll be out and about every bit of this long weekend. I might even need to check out the neighborhood pools…

Jourdan texted me last Tuesday around lunchtime to see if I wanted to go to the Mets game that night. I knew they were playing the Braves so I was an immediate yes. It’s been a loooong time since I’d made spontaneous plans on a weekday and it felt GOOD.

We did our first official park day this weekend and we did it right with my favorite park day meal: fried chicken.

NYC Pride was on Sunday and it was wild. Since I haven’t been around large groups of people in a year and a half, my senses were a bit overloaded, but I loved seeing New York City back and it business.