Capri Bakery

Sure, I’d noticed the lines outside Capri Bakery ever since moving to Harlem, but the windows display specialty cakes (of the fondant covered Cake Boss variety). While those cakes are gorgeous, I have no occasion for them. Perhaps one day I’ll have the opportunity to throw a completely over the top birthday party where I can have a centerpiece cake, but now is not that time. But that doesn’t mean Capri isn’t for me…

After reading this article on the Infatuation about best panaderĂ­as in NYC, I had renewed interest in Capri Bakery. They note that fancy cakes are the bread and butter here (no pun intended), but that they also have all sorts of Latin breads and sweets. When friends invited us to their place for supper on Saturday, I knew I wanted to come bearing dessert and knew this was where I wanted to get it.

It’s true most people in that long line were ordering or picking up a fancy cake, but I was just as impressed by the regular bakery case found inside this very tiny shop. I decided to pick up four slices: pineapple cake, tres leches cake, bread pudding, and flan. Unfortunately, we inhaled all of them so I didn’t get pics of my specific haul but that just goes to show you how tasty everything was. The tres leches (which you can order with extra cream) and flan were definitely the standouts and since all four [huge] slices came to only $14.50, I’ll definitely be back for more. I also noticed they make cubanos and a few other hot sandwiches so this is for sure a shop to keep in mind. Come for the showstoppers, stay for the simple stuff.