I really enjoyed my long 4th of July weekend. Friday evening, my beau went to the Yankees game with friends and I had the apartment to myself, a nice little treat. On Saturday we got to enjoy a lovely mini dinner party (just 4 of us) at a friend’s place, Sunday was filled with walking and fireworks, and Monday was more walking with some museum action. I feel like we packed a lot in but never felt even slightly rushed. Still figuring out the plan for this weekend but I’m enjoying getting back to a normal eating routine after gorging myself over the holiday.

The Yankees game situation was a true win-win. The Friday night game was postponed due to rain but I don’t think my beau minded. He was going with friends from CT that he doesn’t get to see all that often so I think he was just as happy hanging at the bars while the game kept getting delayed. The CT crew wasn’t going to come back in on Sunday for the make-up game, which meant I got to go! It wasn’t just any Yankees game; it was a Yankees/Mets game, aka the Series, so named for the subways you take between the two NYC stadiums. I’ve always wanted to go to one of those games and thrilled to finally have my chance. And can you think of anything more American than a baseball game on the 4th of July?!

The Museum of the City of New York is typically only open on weekends, but for the holiday weekend they were also open on Monday and we took advantage. We checked out the new “New York, New Music” exhibit which covers the musical renaissance of the 80s as hip hop emerged and MTV came onto the scene. It was a very cool exhibit, particularly with the audio component they layered in. As we entered, we were given headphones that we could plug into several strategic spots to hear the music they analyzed in the accompanying photos.

Summer means my favorite cold cucumber soup is back at Veselka. I’ve already mapped out a plan so I can get this at least 2 more times before Labor Day.