Lefkos Pyrgos

We weren’t able to eat supper at a Greek restaurant on a recent trip to Astoria, as intended, so we made sure to stop by a Greek bakery for some treats on our way home. Based on the number of older men sitting around tables, shootin the shiz, I had a feeling this would be a good spot.

I picked out 4 different Greek pastries so I could do some sampling. Everything was very tasty, but I was partial to the galaktoboureko (custard cake with phyllo topping). I also enjoyed the baklava-esque pastries but thought they were a little tooo drenched with honey. I know honey is the point but maybe it’s the type of honey? Perhaps there needed to be just the tiniest pinch of salt? Overall though, very tasty and a great place to grab a coffee and some sweets.

Lefkos Pyrgos is a good spot for traditional Greek desserts. While there are plenty of places to get super high quality and authentic Greek sweets in Astoria, they don’t all have a large, bright cafĂ© space like this place does. It makes it an ideal spot to wrap up the night after a good meal.