Threes Brewing + Finback

For the final Gaines Brooklyn Bar Crawl (before he left us for the ‘burbs), we changed things up a bit. The focus this year was more on breweries. While we hit up a total of five spots, Threes Brewing and Finback were two standouts of the day. There are so many breweries in this area that it’s truly hard to keep up. I’m not even a beer person, but I do love the laid back atmosphere of a brewery and often find they serve some good cocktails and food.

Threes Brewing was our first stop of the crawl and it was the perfect kickoff. They have a great outdoor space and we were very happy to chill in the yard and soak up the sun. When we got booted from our table due to an existing reservation, we moved the party to the indoor bar, which has plenty of banquets, white brick, and a nice long bar featuring both their own brews and those of their friends.

When the indoor bar started filling up, we hit the road because, COVID. I did notice they have an upstairs space for private parties, music, tastings…all sorts of things. I imagine some fun parties could go down up there. We didn’t order any food but the menu looked good, especially that Pittsburgh salad. Iceberg with blue cheese, buffalo chicken, and fries. Is this really a Pittsburgh thing? If so, I need to get myself there, stat.

Where Threes Brewing was all backyard-y, Finback is warehouse style. With basically a single chair outside, I wasn’t expecting much, but then we walked into a very cool open cube with insanely tall ceilings. There was particle board, funky granite bartops, pink and blue California murals, and fun custom glassware. We all asked if the glasses were available for purchase. They were not…get on that, Finback.

What’s interesting about this spot is that it’s both a beer spot and a gin spot. (Branding of both was very good, IMO.) That means most people will be happy here. They also randomly have dumplings so we got an order of those, along with the marinated cucumbers. I have no idea how these food items fit with the place but they were delicious so I’m going with it.