Apple Butter Honey Mustard Chicken

With Rosh Hashanah being a very simple celebration for two this year, I decided to cut my menu down drastically. I wanted things to be easy, mostly prepped in advance, but still have all my favorites and feel like the holiday. That meant I cut out the larger and more labor-intense items like lamb, okra & tomatoes, and cake. We still had squash casserole, barley and mushroom casserole, a challah, and I tried one new [easy] dish: a kugel. For the main course, however, I wanted to keep things super easy so I went with chicken. And not just any chicken – grilled chicken so all those casseroles I prepped earlier could warm in the oven while it cooked quickly outside. I still wanted to pull in the flavors of the holiday so I adapted this recipe and it could not have been more perfect.

Make your marinade by combining 1/2 c. apple butter, 1/3 c. honey, 3 tbsp. spicy brown mustard, 1 tsp. chili powder, 1/2 tsp. smoked paprika, and 1/4 tsp. cumin. I didn’t use exact measurements – just eyeballed it and kept proportions in check. Let your chicken (I used two huge boneless skinless chicken breasts) chill in a ziplock bag with the marinade for a bit before tossing it on the grill and cook until it’s done. (I’m not sure exactly how long that takes…my beau was manning the grill.)

I loved the smokey sweet flavor of this. You might think the apple butter and honey would be a little too much sugar, but this combo of spices really offsets it. I also love that it pulled in the apples and honey flavor profile that’s so common and special to this holiday. It may not be the lamb that my family makes every year, but it felt totally right for this holiday.