With the office closed on Monday for Indigenous Peoples Day, the rest of the week has proven to be pretty busy. That said, I’ve already got my sights set on the weekend. My only real plan is to watch the Dawgs on Saturday. Now that we’re ranked number 1 (!) the stakes are high. I’m thinking the rest of the weekend will be good to catch up on some errands.

I crossed one of those quintessential fall activities of the list on Sunday when we went apple picking. We hit up the same orchard we went to last year, but this time the apple selection was way better. We walked away with some gorgeous fruit that I’ve already been putting to good use and loved spending a few hours with the fam.

On Friday we had some time to kill before our table was ready so we grabbed drinks at a spot next door. Since it was a diner-type place I decided to get something totally different for me – an egg cream. I actually don’t even know if I’ve ever ordered a whole one for myself before but it felt so Old New York to be sitting at a lunch counter, drinking an egg cream. My La La would be very pleased.

I stumbled upon a creator fair in Brooklyn recently and found some great artisans, one of which was Flatbush Granola Co. This granola is sooo good and the packaging is great. I have a feeling I’ll be reaching out soon for a refill.