Like last week, this week has kinda sped by. November came out of nowhere and we’re already hurdling toward Thanksgiving. I feel like I was just wearing tank tops but this week I started pulling out the sweater dresses. If things keep going at this pace, I’m going to have to really crack down on myself to make sure I’m prepared for maternity leave. It feels like there are so many things to do!

Halloween was pretty much cancelled last year, due to COVID, but it was back in full force this year. I happened to be on a walk in Central Park on Friday when I noticed a crowd around the Meer. When I went to check it out I saw a whole Halloween celebration, complete with a dj and pumpkin flotilla. I can’t wait to participate next year.

I have the sweetest neighbor who recently visited her hometown of Paris and brought back these lovely gifts for our New Neudeck. I can’t wait to start teaching him French and can’t believe how thoughtful our neighbor is.

Because we were coming back from our babymoon on the 24th, I missed Matt’s actual birthday so we had a belated celebration this weekend. It was just some lowkey sports and supper at our apartment but so great to see them before Karina pops in a week or two. Of course, I had to get a pic of the two of us, bellies blaring, since it’s just so cool that we’ll be having these two boy cousins so close to each other.