My parents are here this week!!! They arrived yesterday but are spending the first few days doing work stuff. Starting tomorrow, though, they’re all mine. Since I can’t go home for Thanksgiving (thanks to this bambino), we’re going to host a full Thanksgiving meal at our place on Saturday for my parents and Albie’s parents. It will be nice to have some quality family time before all the craziness starts.

My team did some gifting to promote our slew of Bachelor Universe podcasts (“Will you accept this rose?”) and I was able to get one for myself. I’m now the proud owner of some infinity roses and am so excited to have fresh flowers adorning the house for a year without having to lift a finger.

With my beau away I was able to plan supper entirely for myself and I decided to make roasted tomato soup and grilled cheese. I forgot a few of the ingredients for my intended recipe and ended up kinda winging it but wound up with one of the best tomato soups I’ve ever had.

This bambino is currently breech so I’ve been trying to convince him to make moves by laying down with my legs up. I look ridiculous but don’t care if it ends up working!