Can you believe it’s December?! I, personally, can not. The holiday season is in full swing and I’m happy to have all this cheer in my life. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bit stressed about getting everything done before the bambino arrives, but I’m determined to be super productive the next few weeks so I can fully enjoy the holidays.

We were lucky enough to have two Thanksgivings this year. The first was five days prior while my parents were visiting and the second was on actual Thanksgiving in Connecticut. While we experienced our own version of “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” getting to and from Connecticut, it all worked out and we were able to spend some quality time with fam. I love this pic of my beau and his Dad in matching sweaters. Nothing says the holidays like matching sweaters.

I decided to treat myself on Black Friday when I found a classic bag on super sale. I can’t wait to take this baby for a spin.

Chanukah is so early this year! As an interfaith family that celebrates both Chanukah and Christmas, I personally like when the two holidays are closer together. We can corral all the presents in the same place under the tree (regardless of which holiday they belong to) and it just feels like more of a celebration. This year, Chanukah will end before our tree is up and decorated womp womp. I still wanted Chanukah to feel special so I’ve made sure to make traditional foods like sufganiyot and latkes, something I sometimes slack on. It’s been nice having a mid-week holiday food treat!