Sisters Cuisine

Ever since moving to the neighborhood, I’ve said I wanted to try Sisters…four years later, I finally did. Sisters Cuisine is serving up Caribbean food, which I’m not particularly well versed in. I do, however, know I like it. Many of the flavors in Caribbean cuisine are also found in Southern dishes – it seems like what I’m familiar with but with a bit more spice.

My beau and I both ordered platters because it seemed to be the best way to try a bunch of items on the menu. He went with curried chicken (sides of collards and coconut peas and rice) while I got the shrimp in tomatoes (sides of collards and callaloo). We both added mac and cheese to our plates and I also added yams. The additions are the move. I’ve never been a huge yam gal, but these were fabulous and like candy. They were perfect as a dessert. The rest of the food was wonderful and my shrimp were particularly plump.

This food is comforting and ULTRA flavorful. It’s the kind of meal that you know has been stewing on the stove for hours and hours. There’s heart in this food.