Another week with the bambino and guess what…it’s still hard. I’m trying to find my groove and each day seems a liiiittle bit better. I’ve gone from being able to accomplish zero things in a day to getting half of a thing done. Progress! As always, I’m very glad my bambino is cute because it’s far easier to forgive him for the exhaustion and stress when he nuzzles against me.

Pizza Friday continues around here and I feel pretty dang lucky that the original Patsy’s delivers to our apartment. They really do make a legit pizza.

This week was filled with ups and downs when it comes to parenting and my sanity. The ups: I put on real clothes 50% of the time, I started a nighttime shower routine that seems to be working in my favor, and I got cleared to exercise. The downs: I have no clue when I’ll find the opportunity to exercise and we had one day that included my first true diaper blowout followed by about six straight hours of fussiness. I don’t love this stage, but I do love this moment of waking Finn up from a nap when he does his adorable stretches.

I’m still not over the Emily Mariko salmon. I had leftover cauliflower fried rice and it worked as the perfect base for the dish. I’ve started keeping Whole Foods’ packages of frozen salmon filets so I’m now ready to rock with an easy, healthy lunch anytime. Each package comes with eight perfectly portioned filets for about $22 and it’s turning into quite the lifesaver.