Mojo Desserts

I am very particular when it comes to mousse. I like it the French way, where it’s thick enough to be sliced through with a spoon. The closer it is to a whipped cream texture, the less I like it. Thankfully, the mousse a Mojo is on the thicker side. It’s light but doesn’t feel whipped and chocolate is just the beginning at this dessert bar.

There are five different flavors at Mojo Mousse Bar and I had to try three of them. I wanted to taste the full variety so I got one dark 70% chocolate, on passion fruit ruby chocolate, and one matcha white chocolate. I also ordered chocolate pearls and sprinkles for topping and picked up some fruit on my own (berries and pineapple) because I know some juicy fruit it the perfect pairing to cut through the richness of a good mousse.

Ok so which was my favorite? I DON’T KNOW. Each time I tasted a flavor I said “This is it. This one.” …until I tried the next one. Back and forth I went. So basically they’re all good. Great texture; great flavor. This is not the common mousse you find on a cake or in a pastry shop. This is the kind of mousse you get when mousse is the end game. It’s not an ingredient in a dessert; it is the dessert.