I can’t believe it’s April (tomorrow)! This is a HUGE month for me. We’ll be heading to Savannah for the first time in far too long, it’s our 5 year anniversary, I’m going to stop pumping, I have my bestie’s wedding, and I go back to work. Some of those events are a little nerve-wracking, but every single one is exciting.

It’s cool to see Finn starting to actually play with things. It’s not happening a ton, mind you, but there are glimpses of activity happening. He’s starting to actually grab and hold onto things, which is cool to watch, and I flipped out when he rolled over for the first time over the weekend.

We recently checked out a new bagel spot and I’m a sucker for a fun sign. As for the bagels, good – not as good as our Bo’s, but good.

I’ve been very into pale yellow color schemes lately, particularly when it comes to flowers.