Book Review: How Do I Un-Remember This?

As a longtime Danny Pellegrino follower and listener, I was so excited to read his collection of essays. Not only do I find almost everything he says on his show to be both funny and relatable, I know he has a history as a ghost writer and his experience likely helped him shape his own voice and flair for storytelling. Not to brag, but I was right. I read this entire book in Danny’s voice and found myself several times. Yes, more than once I laughed out loud enough that someone (my husband) asked if I was ok.

From his family vacation with a coked out timeshare pitch to his obsession with the movie Judy as ideal cocktail party conversation, Pellegrino shares tales filled with both heart and nostalgia. And the number of pop culture references? Just right. This book is like an elongated podcast episode where he has made himself, rather than the latest Real Housewives episode, the topic of conversation. (But don’t worry; he mentions the Housewives.)

5 out of 5 stars.

Pair with: Bed wine and a face mask