Memorial Day was Monday so summer is officially here! We had a great long weekend, complete with all the standard Memorial Day Weekend activities like grilling and the park. Of course, a long weekend means a short week where we’re trying to cram five days of work into four, but I’ve had some fun projects on my to-do list so I don’t really mind.

Jen and the girls were in town for the weekend and I’m so happy I got to see them twice. They were there for Finn’s first experience in a bar where he kept trying to sneak a sip of my dirty ‘tini. I don’t think I’ll get to see them again before Thanksgiving so I’m glad I got a visit to tide me over.

It’s not the easiest trek from the city to Newtown so it meant so much to have family come to our place over the weekend to grill out when we realized it was too difficult for us to go to them. Burgers, dogs, sausages, shrimp rolls, pasta salad…we had a feast. The sun was shining and I couldn’t have been happier.

Is The Smith basic and overdone? Perhaps, but it’s consistently tasty and has a fun vibe. It never disappoints. It’s also Rebekah’s old stomping grounds so when she was visiting from Connecticut it was a no brainer.