Book Club Bar

I have found my version of heaven. It’s a coffee shop, bookstore, bar, and patio. Have I actually dreamed this place into existence? Book Club Bar is located in Alphabet City (3rd & B, to be exact) and is open til midnight every day of the week. If book browsing in the late evening isn’t your style, it’s also open early because, like I mentioned, it’s also a coffee shop.

The layout flows nicely. I was excited to see a nicely built outdoor area in the front where people were sipping on various beverages, but there was so much more to see once I stepped through the floor to ceiling windows. First thing you’ll see is the bar itself. Whether you want caffeine or a cocktail, you’ll get it at this one bar. Keep walking and you’ll enter the bookstore area with a nice club chair or two to sink into. If you want a book, you’ll simply go back up to that front bar to purchase it, which means that you can buy books on a tab – sighhhhh. And when you get to the back wall you can walk out to the patio because [with your drink of choice] that’s just such a great place to read.

I started by browsing the shelves and immediately noticed they have a great selection. There weren’t a million books, yet somehow I saw sooo many from my TBR list. After choosing somthing fun (it was a Summer Friday, after all) I went back to the bar to sit with my book and an iced latte. I also have to say it was great perusing bookshelves with coffee in hand. It was a real main character moment. After my latte, I couldn’t decide if I wanted more caffeine or if it was time to switch to something harder (like I said, Summer Friday). Why choose? I got a boozy iced coffee and it was wonderful.

I wish Avenue B didn’t feel soooo far away. If it wasn’t a trek, I would probably be at Book Club Bar twice a week, minimum. I would definitely take advantage of their events because the calendar looks amazing. There are readings with cool authors, drink and draw classes, literary trivia, boozy (if you so choose) writing workshops, adult spelling bees, literary salons, and more. I’m going to have to make a point to attend some of this stellar programming – make an evening out of it.

One thing I liked is that everyone seemed to be doing their own thing, which seems standard for bookish types. That said, laptops are supposed to be off by 7 pm to offer a change of atmosphere and encourage mingling. Book Club Bar is the East Village’s very own living room and I can’t wait to go back and cozy up.