All of a sudden summer got very busy. We’ve had kiddy birthday parties, holiday weekends, and work events. Things are different with a kid, but having a packed calendar also makes it feel like old times. Right now, we’re on our way to Utah – our longest trip with the bambino, by far – for a family wedding. It should be a great time, but we’ll need all the luck with a 6.5 month old.

It was my beau’s first Father’s Day! It may be stereotypical, but he was happy to spend the day golfing and grilling. For my gift to him, I gave him some specially labeled beer and some of his favorite candy. Finn, on the other hand, brought home some stellar artwork and gloves from school. It was TOO cute.

We love a good park day in our household. It’s easily a top 5 summertime activity, right up there with outdoor movies and rooftop drinks. I’m so happy we finally got to share an afternoon in Central Park with Finn. We packed my quintessential park day meal: fried chicken and pimento cheese and let Finn roll around on a blanket. He had a great time!

I recently had a cheese board happy hour with my After Party friends. We were spread out across the country so it was virtual, but it still felt like real socializing. We picked a theme of location-based cheeses and I went with New York. I took it a step further and made sure all my accoutrements and even my wine were NY based. Something fun and different to do and just as fun as an IRL happy hour.